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Finding an optimal mindset for succesfull teamwork

Collective agility, the team’s ability to anticipate to future events, is a cornerstone for sustainable success. Without this type of flexibility, teams tend to burn out as the complexity and dynamics increase. What mindset, both individually and collectively, would foster the collective agility?

Field research and decades of of experience have paved the path for this approach to maintaining a mindset that brings out the best in you and in others. An optimal mindset implies that you maintain a healthy dynamic balance in energy and resources of your own and of others. A dynamic balance in heart, mind and hands.

Master class ‘Mindset for joint succes’

This master class Mindset for joint success is a profound and yet simple search for your own patterns of thinking. The core answers are about easy ‘activation questions’ that trigger you to refocus as a person and as a group. Since situations and persons are unique, there is not just one answer or just one approach. What makes the difference is the ability to see options and to refocus as new situations emerge.

In this master class you will experience the powerful combination of three building blocks:

  1. The outcome of various field research projects, examples and surveys on authentic mindsets that make the difference;
  2. Your personal thinking style profile that you prepared prior to the master class using the MindSonar® instrument;
  3. Design and work with your own activation-pattern, an easy to remember set of questions, that makes you and your team maintain a dynamic balance.

This one-day master class help you to find your own unique mindset for success. Contrary to other workshops or master classes that promote a ‘one-truth solution’ this master class gives you options and the flexibility to refocus at your own will. Imagine the team agility when all members are as flexible and aligned as you.

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