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Authentic inspiration

Seven states of beauty

The Authentic Inspiration Model © is a model for the realization of intention, potential and talent. The application of this model enables us, in an effective and ecological way, to face life challenges, to bring out the best of our intentions and to give meaning to the world we belong to. How? By increasing our awareness and by increasing our ability to change our attitude, mindset and emotions. The model consists of seven states, our ongoing mental, emotional and physical conditions, which altogether influence the way we relate with ourselves and with others.

The Authentic Inspiration Model © is the result of feedback, analysis and modeling during training and coaching sessions in which people found their inner voice and way to meet everyday work and life challenges. It models the way that people transform their frustration into life force, connect to inner and outer sources of inspiration, and stay motivated to learn and to excel. It also models and offers pathways for the creation, realization and integration of purpose.

Feel energetic and in the flow

To be yourself with yourself is finding and maintaining a centered genuine state in which you feel energetic and in the flow and in which you are able to turn your frustration, inspiration and motivation into authentic action.

Frustration mindset

Frustration comes from the Latin ‘Frusta’ and means in vain. Frustration is often associated with feeling stuck in the gap between reality and expectation. At the same time frustration is also a state in which potential and energy is waiting to be released. The strategy to move from stuck state to potential is based on three principles: to unfreeze, to open up and to focus on positive outcomes.

Inspiration mindset

Inspiration comes from the Greek: “to breathe life into”. Being inspired is being connected with intuition, feelings and thoughts that embody our deepest dreams, desires and wishes. Inspiration is a resourceful state in which we feel connected to the core of our being, to our positive intentions and to the larger system we belong to. It enables us to break thru habits and patterns.The strategy to become and to stay inspired is based on three principles: ‘be the change you want to be’, ‘frame your focus’ and ‘all we need is in the field’.

Motivation mindset

Motivation means “setting into motion”. It is a state in which we are fully aligned to a positive outcome and in which we feel fuelled by our passion and other sources to bridge the gap between current and future reality. Motivation embraces fear, perfectionism and dependence and turns it into passion, presence and courage. Being motivated means feeling able “to build a bridge while walking on it”. The strategy to be motivated is based on three principles: “finding the way”, “the way is play” and “trust the inner guide”.

Make a difference with authentic action

Authenticity comes from the Greek Authentikos, and means genuine. Authentic Action comes from our origin, the core of our beliefs and being, and it connects to the origin of others. Authentic Action makes a difference by embracing differences. Authentic action has three qualities: it paces our inner self, it paces the world around us and it is just.

  • We pace our inner self by living in the present, by connecting to our deepest feelings and by experiencing the wholeness of our body, mind, soul and spirit. It may bring us feelings of confidence, love or safety and create a sense of uniqueness and wholeness at the same time.
  • We pace the world around us by focusing on the world we belong to and live in, by being aware of both similarities and differences and by aligning to the heartbeat of change and growth.
  • Just action is an action which afterwards is characterized as effective, ecological and fair. Just action happens in the flow, at the right time, with the right people and in the right way. It is a result of being aware of a bigger space, of options and of freedom to choose and act.

Connect and Co-create

To be yourself with others is a state of flow and easiness. It allows us to manifest our essence, the core of our being, into the larger system or field we belong to. It enables us to connect, to express and to share. And it invites other to cooperate, to lead and to follow. We interact and engage with this field in a process of creation, realization and integration.

Creation mindset

Creation is the process of bringing our intentions into existence. It is the first step in connecting with others to share and express our thought and feelings. It is the initiation of change, evolution or revolution that leads to new outcomes. At the same time it is letting go of old habits, reframing of our existing maps of the world and realigning ourselves and others to the future. Creation strategies include perception shifting, multiplying existing resources and building on differences.

Realisation mindset

Realisation is the process of aligning, interacting and synchronizing with current reality. From the inside out it is the way in which our talent, passion and potential has meaning for others. From the outside in it is the way we perceive the world around us, the way we embrace possibilities and challenges and the way we tune in into our environment. Realization strategies include maintaining a state of okayness while being fully “awake” and being aligned with individuals, groups and communities.

Integation mindset

Integration is the process of combining and connecting everything and everybody into a generative whole, into something that is complete in itself and that is more than the sum of the parts. Integration is about finding the connection, enjoying and keeping channels open. It is also about ecologically combining past, present and future into a reality that makes a difference. Integration is about communication, connection and cooperation with others. Strategies for integration build on a state of oneness, an open mindset and feeling easeful.


The authentic inspiration model was published in 2002 as a part of the Dutch book ” authentieke inspiratie” written by Rien van Leeuwen and published by Ruysdael.

In a recent Ruysdael survey Authentic action seems to be one of the human success factors for innovation

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