When you inspire others, when you live from an inclusive Mindset and be whoever the authentic self you are, it seems to be a success formula for obtaining voters according to a CNN news flash on O’Rourke in Texas. The 2018 elections seems to contradict this assumption or will time show?

My point of view is that inspiration, inclusiveness and authenticity are for sure important success factors to engage an election base that fuels the x-factor in the transition of a state, but there is more to it in a broader scope. To be really inclusive you have to be able to engage with antagonists in a positive, let’s say democratic way. To connect and at the same time be able to maintain a distance to overview the full ecosystem of voters and people living in the community.

I do not know Beto O’Rourke personally and I do appreciate the high level of funding he is able to raise.  Let’s see how the near future of 2020 will show that the raised amount of money will follow the authentic intent that started this all.