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The purpose of this site is to provide resources and information in relation to my mission of ” inspire to inspire”: to inspire and support people in finding, maintaining and generating authentic inspiration within themselves and within the community, team or organization they belong to.

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Using Mindsonar for team creativity

Using Mindsonar for team creativity

Imagine you are the leader of a multidisciplinary team and you want to boost your team ability to innovate in response to the dynamic business competition. How would you approach that? One of our customers, a local sales and support organization for a global...

Human success factors for sustainable innovation

Human success factors for sustainable innovation

Innovation thrives on human interaction. Everything we use or will use in our daily life is the result of combined knowledge, experience and labor of others. Therefor human factors determine to a large extent what level of sustainability we are able to reach. These...

Making a difference by embracing differences

Making a difference by embracing differences

More then the eye sees.. A pond in summer. Patches of yellow duckweed seem to be different and separated from each other. Everything in the pond is part of a delicate ecosystem, connected at a deeper level than is visible to the eye. Sympathetic weather A sunny day in...

Authentic inspiration

Authentic inspiration

Seven states of beauty The Authentic Inspiration Model © is a model for the realization of intention, potential and talent.  It enables us, in an effective and ecological way, to face life challenges, to bring out the best of our intentions and to give meaning to the...


Hier vind je thema’s uit de praktijk, die mij inspireren en waarmee ik graag anderen inspireer. Als persoon en in mijn werk bij Ruysdael. en in de a2Results community.  – Rien van Leeuwen

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Hoe werkt de praktijk?

Ik hou ervan om de dagelijkse praktijk met elkaar te evalueren en de uitkomsten te relateren aan de theorie. Lees meer over mijn praktijkonderzoek op het a2Results platform met onderwerpen zoals

Training optimale mindset


Ervaar je hoge werkdruk door de invoering van zelfsturende teams? Pak het bij de bron aan.

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