Using Mindsonar for team creativity

Imagine you are the leader of a multidisciplinary team and you want to boost your team ability to innovate in response to the dynamic business competition. How would you approach that? One of our customers, a local sales and support organization for a global IT-solutions provider asked us for a team intervention. I decided to combine the Mindsonar® test with other business NLP techniques. In the following text Mindsonar® Meta Programs are indicated in italic.

The big frame

The team was composed of various ...

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Outperform to serve the business ecosystem

Recently we* facilitated a two day learning event for executives from companies around the globe. The purpose of this event was to create collective awareness across various disciplines and to establish initiatives for sustainable innovation. This is a global company that brings a wide range of innovative solutions and services to almost every sector of business. Technological innovation and a drive for change is in the DNA of the company culture and structure.

Transformation for growth

As with many companies there is ...

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Human success factors for sustainable innovation

Innovation thrives on human interaction. Everything we use or will use in our daily life is the result of combined knowledge, experience and labor of others. Therefor human factors determine to a large extent what level of sustainability we are able to reach. These factors impact not only the way that we create outcomes but also the type of outcomes that we are able to co-create.

It is a well known fact that complex projects or situations need a deeper level of ...

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My respect for Nelson Mandela

I wish to express my respect for Nelson Mandela. An authentic leader connecting worlds who inspires me to inspire others. I share his tekst that made a difference in my life.


Our  deepest  fear  is  not  that  we  are  inadequate

Our  deepest  fear  is  that  we  are  powerful  beyond  measure

It  is  our  light,  not  our  darkness,  that  most  frightens  us

We  ask  ourselves:  “Who  am  I  to  be  briljant,  talented,  fabulous?”

Actually,  who  are  we  not  to  be?

You  are  a  child  of  god

Your  playing  small  does  not  serve  the  world

There  is  nothing  enlightened  about  shrinking  so  that  other  people  won’t feel  insecure  around  you

We  are  all  meant  to  shine  as  children  do

We  are  born  to  make  manifest  the  glory  of  God  that  is  within  us

It  is  not  in  some  of  us:  it  is  in  everyone.

And  as  we  make  our  light  shine,

we  unconsciously  give  others  permission  to  do  the  same

As  we  are  liberated  from  our  fear,  our  presence  automatically  liberates  others

Nelson  Mandela.

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Making a difference by embracing differences

More then the eye sees..

A pond in summer. Patches of yellow duckweed seem to be different and separated from each other. Everything in the pond is part of a delicate ecosystem, connected at a deeper level than is visible to the eye.

Sympathetic weather

A sunny day in june. Sympathetic weather shapes two day offsite in the planetarium. I am the facilitator with an international management team from Asia and Europe. Half of the team was appointed in the last six months ...

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Authentic inspiration

Seven states of beauty

The Authentic Inspiration Model © is a model for the realization of intention, potential and talent.  It enables us, in an effective and ecological way, to face life challenges, to bring out the best of our intentions and to give meaning to the world we belong to. How? By increasing our awareness and by increasing our ability to change our attitude, mindset and emotions. The model consists of seven states, our ongoing mental and physical conditions, which altogether ...

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