Rien van Leeuwen inspires and facilitates learning, innovation and growth of individuals, teams, organizations and professional communities. As a person and in various jobroles, such as trainer, facilitator and coach, he combines more than thirty years of experience in various fields of expertise. He started his career as international project manager in the space industry (NASA, ESA). After seven years he switched to the IT sector and managed a group of seventy infrastructure consultants. Seven years later he co-founded Ruysdael and focused on setting up the Ruysdael Management Institute that has been integrated in the current Ruysdael training department since 2000.

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Rien van Leeuwen is certified Business NLP trainer, team coach and executive coach with a focus on action learning, authentic leadership and sustainable innovation. He is guest speaker  and author of two dutch books” authentic inspiration” (2002) and ‘practical project management with NLP, energized social interaction’ (2013). The former focuses on personal development, while the latter emphasizes on practical tools for sustainable teaming, learning, leadership and change in project environments. These books are based on collective learning experiences in Ruysdael assignments in the sectors energy, financial services, central government, engineering and logistics. He is one of the founders of the a2Results® community which focusses on knowledge transfer in the field of sustainable innovation.


He is co-developer in various practices for the a2Results community, such as frameworks for sustainable innovation, high performance teaming, knowledge transfer and action learning. Since 1993 he develops, facilitates and conducts change, development  and learning interventions in organizations. These include among others teamcoaching, intervision, large scale interventions, job- and work coaching, training, leaderschip development, co-creation processes and talent modeling. His assignments encompass both board level, middle management and operational level. Examples are: international business change manager at P&O nedlloyd (now  Maersk), lead developer and trainer cultural change programme ING, knowledge transfer facilitator at the Dutch Tax authorities, program coach NUON (now Alliander), Lead trainer and action learning coach at ENEXIS.


His training portfolio encompasses a large field of applications and target groups including specialists, project managers, teamleaders, executives and other business professionals. He conducts both customized in-company training programmes and masterclasses in an open schedule. These are generally focussed on seven human success factors for sustainable innovation: creating a collective context, co-creation, personal leadership, interpersonal communication, learning & knowledge transfer, facilitating change en authentic action.


Rien van Leeuwen also works as a certified health coach, talent coach, team coach and executive coach. He is able to coach at a behavior level, skills level, cognitive level, identity level and social level.

Educational background

His education includes a bachelor in information theory, a postmaster in logistics, various internal courses (HRM, leadership, cultural change) and various NLP Master certifications at the University of Santa Cruz California. He is a member of the European chamber of the MIT Presencing Institute and the Dutch Society of Organizational Learning (Peter Senge).


Certified Mindsonar professional

mindsonar-seal-transparantAs a Certified Mindsonar professional Rien van Leeuwen is building upon a network of expertise and knowledge in the field of NLP metaprogramme application. Mindsonar is an instrument for measuring and improving thinking styles. More information via www.mindsonar.info